Improving Teamwork and Team Dynamics While Working Away

Improving teamwork and team dynamics might be the last thing on your mind when planning your company’s next job, but it really shouldn’t be. There are lots of ways you can take advantage of the situation to improve teamwork, for no or little extra cost.

Why you should be improving teamwork and team dynamics:

It can be dangerous to underestimate the effect good teamwork and effective communication can have on the quality and speed of the work your team produces. Teams that know each other well are far less likely to misunderstand each other than a team that barely knows one another. A team that gets on well and are more likely to enjoy their jobs, improving your staff retention and keeping morale high!

How Accommodation can Improve Teamwork and Team Dynamics

One of the best ways you can improve teamwork and team dynamics while working away is by staying together in a serviced house! Small things like watching TV together and eating breakfast together help improve the relationships between people, and people who know each other better make more effective teams. It also makes carpooling easier, which has its own benefits that we’ll discuss later. Next time you request accommodation just let us know you are interested in having the team stay together in a serviced house or apartment and we’ll look for something perfect. If it’s a longer business stay it might even be cheaper than staying in hotels.

a serviced apartment for a team to stay in
A serviced apartment that a team could stay in.

After Work Teamwork

An easy way to get your team working together is to take them somewhere after work. Playing snooker in a pub, visiting an escape room or playing mini golf are all good ways to create a fun tournament for your team and not take it too seriously. You don’t even need to tell your team that you are taking them to improve their teamwork – it’s just a nice after work activity.

Improving Teamwork with some Team Building Activities

There are a whole host of ways you can incorporate some team building activities into a business trip. One of the best ways that we often use in our office is reserving an hour on a quiet day to play some games in teams, with some low-value prices such as sweets. You can make a quiz, have a three legged race or even choose the top 3 items to survive in a plane crash!

Plane Crash Survival Game

Some More Ideas for Team Building Activities


Carpooling might most often be an environmental decision but it has other benefits as well. Having your team share a car on their way to the accommodation (if they live near each other) can be a good way to have them spend some time together outside of work, getting to know each other better. This gives them a chance to leave things about one another that they wouldn’t usually get a chance to talk about on site, such as their families and hobbies. A team that knows each other well communicates more effectively than strangers!

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