We know every business is different

Industries we work with

We know different industries present businesses with different challenges.

It’s why we believe it’s important that we understand the work each of our clients do so we are able to tailor our support appropriately.

Here at Rapid Travel Group we are lucky to work with clients across a vast range of sectors, including Marine and Shipping, Construction and Education. It’s thanks to this experience that we can provide the highest level of support to all of our clients.

Learn more about some of the sectors we cover by clicking on the options below:

Shipping and Marine Accommodation

We’re excited to be working with more and more clients in the marine and shipping sector.

Construction Accommodation

We understand your industry, the process of Tendering, the importance of securing accommodation in budget and the ever changing project dates.

Renewables Accommodation

Our offices are ideally situated here on the Lincolnshire coast – where there has already been huge investment in renewable energy production.

Education Accommodation

We are able to work in partnership with schools, academies, colleges and universities to act as a central point of call.

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