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Rapid Travel Group, your number one Travel Management destination for Construction and related industries.

We are not just a Travel Management Company that knows a little bit about Construction. We have combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. This wealth of knowledge gives us a unique insight into your business and helps us improve many operations when it comes to your travel.

We have access to thousands of discounted rates, however, our focus is to find the right accommodation for your travellers, and we won’t just rely on our rates, we will call suppliers direct utilising our buying power to negotiate the best rate and cancellation suitable. Whether it’s a team of four with a large van, staying Monday-Friday in self-catering accommodation or a one-night stay in a hotel close to the site, we have you covered.

If that isn’t enough, we have 24/7 support, no need to phone the project manager or other members of staff after hours, let us do the hard work for you. Our service doesn’t stop there, we can also organise your airfares, ferries, rail, hires cars, taxis, meeting rooms and conferences.

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“When you hire us to take care of your travel, you can check off a whole list of stresses and strains. We’ll save you time, we’ll get you the best value and we’ll deliver a personal service that goes above and beyond expectations”.

Rebecca Anderson-Hall

Three simple Steps

We understand that every company works differently, and it is important for us to build a relationship with you to identify solutions, not only for your bookings but your back-office processes too! Therefore, saving your company valuable time (Time=Money).

Step One
Request your Travel or Accommodation via RORI, our online platform, email or phone.

Step Two
We will search for the best available option under your budget and send it to you for approval.

Step Three
Once approved we will book and allocate it to your credit account. Confirmations can be sent direct to the traveller via text or email, or we can send it to the requester to forward to the guest, with or without a price.

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Our business is all about relationships; with our Clients, our Accommodation Providers, Suppliers and Partners.

How we work

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