Our Mission

“To be the number one Travel Management destination for the Construction Industry”

Our Values


To provide a reliable service means our customers can count on us to come through for them when they need it, always deliver what is promised and be a trusted partner to all of our customers.


Friendly and approachable team available 24/7.


Personable, Professional At Rapid we live by the 3 P’s we are passionate in the work we do and have a vested interest in the success of the company. We know our contributions help drive the success– Be professional and personable with all our customers all of the time.


Be ahead of the times with our technology, making sure we meet all out customers requirements with our advanced and original systems. Adapting to change while creating more effective processes and ideas.


Drive the business forward with hard work and dedication.

Rapid Accommodation was established in 2012

In 2019, Rapid Accommodation Limited became Rapid Travel Group Limited, as a way to consolidate and celebrate a sustained growth period; featuring heavy investment into technology assets, an explosion of new Rapid Team members, new Office space and more!

Rapid Travel Group are dedicated to businesses with small to medium size travel spends in Construction.

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Trusted Travel and Accommodation provider to over 300 companies across the UK.

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