Customising your Accommodation Request

Customising your accommodation request is the best way you can ensure you get the right accommodation for you and your team while working away! Here are just some of the ways you can customise your request so that we can look for something that fits your requirements perfectly.

Specific Item Requests

One of the best ways you can customise your accommodation requests is to ensure you still get a good night sleep while working away. You can easily do this by requesting a certain type/size of bed, a certain mattress, thickness of duvet or blackout blinds. You can also make extended stays easier by requesting accommodation with a dishwasher, a washing machine or even Netflix. A long list of requests might not be possible, but we always try our best to find something perfect!

Type of Accommodation

When you don’t specify any specific type of accommodation, we’ll look at all types and decide on the best fit. If you’d rather always stay in a hotel, even when it might be more expensive to do so then it’s best to let us know.

Pet Friendly

Bringing along man’s best friend when working away gets more popular every year. There are thousands of pet friendly hotels and serviced accommodations across the UK. Bringing your dog along is a good way to make working away feel more at home and make sure that your mental health is looked after. It is worth noting that bringing a pet along often boosts the price per night of your stay.

5 Tips for Travelling with Pets

Pet friendly accommodation - a dog in a serviced house.
Dog in a serviced house.

Location Requests

A common location request is to be within a certain distance of your site, but why stop there? You can request to be close to local amenities, to be in the city centre and more. You can even request to be near an ideal bus route if driving isn’t for you.

Parking at your Accommodation

Many hotels and serviced accommodations only have a limited amount of parking or allocate each room one space. Some only have on-street parking, which makes finding space for multiple vehicles difficult and sometimes impossible. This often isn’t enough when your team is bringing several work vehicles. It definitely isn’t enough when your team is bringing HGVs! If there is any chance, you’ll need extra or specialised parking, adding it to your accommodation request is a must.

If any of your requests will be the same for all of your future bookings, we can make a note of it so that you never have to tell us again!

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