5 Team Building Activities You Can Incorporate Into A Business Trip:

A business trip can be a great time to incorporate some team building activities, since it’s so easy to not get time during regular working days. Here are 5 activities that can be easily incorporated into a business trip, to help build teamwork and communication:

Team Building Activities Afternoon

Reserve a quiet afternoon for some team building activities (so long as you aren’t behind schedule) and do some classic, proven team building exercises. Most of these are cheap, only requiring some pens, paper and sellotape. Some good examples of activities you could do – 

  • Silent line up (teams have to silently arrange themselves in order of age, height, shoe size, etc.)
  • Build the best paper aeroplane in teams
  • In teams decide which 3 items you would most need for survival in a specific situation (eg. plane crash in the dessert) 
  • In teams create a product (in theory) with some posters and pitch it to the other teams
  • company/office trivia quiz

Team Building Video Games

Lot’s of video games are intended for multiple people to play together as a team and they are a great way to build teamwork. It helps people understand each other and boosts communication skills. These games heavily rely on clear communication and working together to win. There are lots of these games online and there is a good chance someone on your team has a PlayStation or Xbox they can bring with them to plug into the tv in your serviced house or apartment (with permission from the owners). You can even just play Among Us which just requires downloading the app.

A team playing a video game together as a team building activity.
A team playing a video game together as a team building activity.

A Pool or Snooker Tournament

Lots of pubs and bars have at least one pool/snooker table and it’s an easy way to get your team working together. You can put them into pairs and have a tournament one night after work. If you make the pairs who they work with the most during the day, the teamwork they use to win the game will develop their communication with each other to benefit them at work.

Visit a Fair or Theme Park

A theme park might require an extra day of the trip just dedicated to that but a fair usually opens after work. Having fun together is a great way for your team to get to know each other better, which is one of the best ways to help them communicate more effectively at work. Additionally, this is a good way to boost morale and keep your staff from becoming disillusioned with working for your company.

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Go on a hike!

This one might also require extending the trip by another night, but a short hike around the local countryside can be very beneficial to your team. You can add extra team building elements, such as working together in teams to read a map and the first team to the destination gets a box of chocolates. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air if your business trip has kept you inside all week.

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