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For schools, academies, colleges and universities, when it comes to arranging and booking travel and accommodation – be it for a teachers attending training courses, head teachers visiting other schools, or children on educational trips – there isn’t often a single person responsible for a particular trip. And if there is, that person’s time is usually occupied by the enormous pressures teaching brings.

This is where Rapid Travel Group can help. We are able to work in partnership with schools, academies, colleges and universities to act as a central point of call. Thanks to our online travel assistant platform, different members of staff – from department heads to supply teachers – can all be assigned access to the booking system, which can then be managed centrally.

Open and Transparent

Specific budgets can be set, particular permissions given – and easily revoked should there be any personnel changes – and all bookings can be monitored in an open and transparent way.

We understand the huge amount of stress and strain those in education already suffer and it’s why we’re keen to increase the support we provide to educational establishments.

If you’re in the education sector, contact us on 0330 090 4142 to find out more about how we can help.

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