Accommodation For Contractors: Tips To Improve Your Property

Accommodation for contractors has a different list of requirements to holiday stays, and even more corporate business travel. Here’s some advice on making your property ideal for travelling contractors:

What Accommodation For Contractors Needs To Have:

One of the main things that contractors ask for is parking, especially secure parking. This doesn’t have to mean that the accommodation itself has a driveway or attached car park. You can also provide a street parking pass, or pass for a nearby car park as part of the facilities. You can also make street & driveway parking more secure by adding a camera to the front of a serviced house. A washing machine or very nearby laundrette is another essential for contractors.

What Contractors Want:

One of the main things contractors want from their accommodation is for it to have home comforts they would miss when working away for a week or more. Think about what in your home you would miss if you were away for a week, but not on holiday. Smart TVs, coffee machines, and air fryers come to mind. If your accommodation has a kitchen then maybe consider adding an air fryer and a coffee machine, especially if you book longer stays. This doesn’t have to be an overly expensive addition either; you can get air fryers for less than £30 and coffee machines for less than £20. 

If you are already planning a complete refurb of your accommodation, consider making sure the furniture is live-in-able, and not just looks good in the photos. If people are staying for more than a week, the sofa needs to be comfy. This is especially important to contractors who will have just worked a long day on site.

Potential Other Improvements:

One of the best things you can do for your accommodation is to make sure every business traveller who stays there requests it again the next time they work in the area. A few small improvements you can make is providing herbs for the kitchen and making sure wall-mounted TV wires are hidden. TV wires might not seem like much, but it will bother some people. Try staying there for a night yourself to see if there’s anything previous guests might not have mentioned because it isn’t a big issue.

If you are planning on adding another serviced apartment to your portfolio, maybe consider choosing one with good road links in a quieter area. Business travellers don’t need to be close to tourist areas, it’s more important to them to have an easy commute to their work site. 

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