Supplier Visits: What Are The Benefits?

Have you thought about coming to visit us? If so, here’s some of the benefits of attending one of our supplier visits:

Why Become One Of Our Suppliers?

To begin with, our suppliers’ properties get considered first when our Travel Advisors begin searching for the perfect property for one of our clients (especially if we have an exclusive rate). We also feature our suppliers in regular posts on our social media, and we’ll post a photo of your visit. Just get in touch about becoming one of our suppliers and we’ll talk you through it!

Meeting The Rapid Team

Meeting our Travel Advisors personally means that they will have you & your properties at the forefront of their minds and may even recognise that one of your properties would be perfect before they do any other searches. They are also more likely to use suppliers they know are pleasant to work with and easy to get in touch with, especially for last minute bookings.

An example of a serviced house or apartment open-plan living and kitchen room.

An Opportunity

Doing a supplier visit is a fantastic opportunity, not just to answer any questions but to do a presentation about your properties & brand. We may not be aware of any changes you’ve made recently or any services you’ve recently added. If you first became one of our suppliers years ago, then an update is plenty overdue. You can also take the opportunity to set up some exclusive rates with us, likely increasing how often we book with you. Additionally, you can let us know your preference to how we book with you and if you would prefer bookings for long or short stays.

When & Where

We have the opportunity for a supplier visit once every month, usually on the last Wednesday of the month. This will be at our office meeting in  Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. You could always attend over Zoom if you can’t make the journey over to Grimsby! You don’t have to book for next month either, if you need a few months to plan, just let us know.

Get in touch today to set up your visit!

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