Making Travelling More Cost-Effective

Making your business’s travel as cost-effective as possible has become a major priority for many UK businesses in the past 6 months. Here’s some ways to cut costs that you might not have considered:

Cutting Costs


Did you know that often the cheapest way to travel across the UK is by a bus service, such as MegaBus? Even if you choose a more comfortable way to travel you can still make it as cost-effective as possible. If your business pays for your team’s fuel, then ensure they carpool where possible and only bring the necessary vehicles. You can also plan to replace vehicles when necessary with more fuel efficient replacements. You can even save on train tickets and flights if you book far enough in advance. While it might be irritating, getting from the airport to your digs by bus or train is generally cheaper than by taxi. If you are only going abroad for a short time, you can avoid potential baggage fees by only taking carry-on luggage.


There are also many ways to cut the costs in your accommodation. One of the major ways is by booking digs with cooking facilities. You can save on every meal by cooking as you would at home instead of relying on pubs, restaurants and takeaways. You can even save on parking fees by requesting digs with a driveway. Depending on the size of your team and how long they are staying, it may be more cost-effective to house them together in a serviced house than in hotel rooms. By booking digs with a washing machine, you can also save on laundrette fees.


It’s also worth considering if always booking with refundable rates would save your business money in the long run. Refundable rates are often cost slightly more, which can build up, but regularly losing money by cancelling non-refundable digs can cost you much more. You need to consider how frequently your plans and if it would work out better for your business.

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Why Is Outsourcing To Rapid Travel Group Cost-Effective?

Our exclusive discounts with suppliers across the UK (and some international) can quickly reduce costs. It also means that if your business books enough digs to require it, it prevents you from having to hire someone to handle your travel. Furthermore, our Travel Advisors spend time you might not have hunting down the best deal possible!

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