An Interview with Phoenix – Our Newest Team Member

Phoenix joined our team as a Travel Advisor apprentice back on the 17th of March (you might have seen her on our social media pages). After just over a month with us, we had a chat with her about how she’s finding life at Rapid.

What have you enjoyed the most in your first month at Rapid?

I have really enjoyed finally getting to meet everyone in person. Because of Covid, at first I did my training with our HR Manager; Kerry, and our Director; Linda. I spoke to everyone else on the phone and in zoom calls but only met them in the flesh at the new RORI training sessions.

So far, what is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job has definitely been learning about our customers and their needs. No two clients are the same and you can’t beat the feeling of finding them the perfect accommodation.

How is your apprenticeship going?

I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship so far and the workload isn’t too overbearing. I think I have good time management skills to be able to juggle working full time and education at the same time. I also attended the University of Hull, where I specialised in Tourism and Business Management so working alongside education isn’t new to me.

A more recent training session with Phoenix on the far left.
Phoenix among the team at a training session for the newest version of RORI – our online booking platform.

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