Current UK Restrictions – International Business Travel

Are you wondering when International Travel will be allowed again? Well the answer is already, but do you qualify? Read on to find out.

International travel is still available for people with certain jobs (list available on the official UK Government website- and those who have filled in a form declaring their permitted reason to travel out of the UK.

Some of the jobs mentioned include Government Contractors, Aerospace Engineers, offshore Oil and Gas and Nuclear Personnel. Travel workers, such as Train Drivers, Pilots and Bus/Coach Drivers are also cleared to travel with a declaration form submitted. Anyone else doing critical work abroad is also cleared to leave the UK so long as they fill in a declaration form and provide evidence of the work.

If you fit the criteria and are worried about finding accommodation abroad during the pandemic, then there is no need to worry! We are still booking travel & accommodation internationally. Just get in touch and we can sort out the rest!

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