“Coming Up With Ways To Counter That”: An Interview With Darren Wheeler

To help you get to know even more about the people behind Rapid, we’ve put together a special series of interviews that dig a little deeper into what motivates us to help you save time and money and make working away feel that little bit closer to home.

In the hot seat today we have our Financial Director; Darren Wheeler.

Darren joined us back in 2020 as a member of our accounts team and was promoted to Financial Director in August 2022!

The Interview

Rapid: To start with we were wondering; what are you most excited about in Rapid’s near future?

Darren: The growth of the company, how quickly the company is growing and being a part of that. We’ve come a long way just since I joined in 2020. 

Rapid: What about your favourite thing about Rapid?

Darren: The team we have. We have a good team at the moment that we’ve worked hard to achieve, and I enjoy the work.

Rapid: So, what’s the best part of your role? 

Darren: Best part of my role? A tough one. I would have to say coming up with new ideas, new ways to save or be able to increase turnover or profits. Coming up with new ways of achieving that.

Rapid: As well as being the Banker in [our employee of the month winner’s prize draw] games of Deal or No Deal, I imagine?

Darren: Yeah… well not when they win the top prize, ha ha. 

Rapid: What’s the most challenging part of your role, then?

Darren: Erm… I would say, mainly because of how our business works, which is quite different to what I’ve done in the past, is the managing of the cash flow. The business has such a large upfront outgoing [paying for bookings] that was new to me coming into this sort of industry, so that was the most challenging. 

Rapid: So how did you initially overcome that?

Darren: With a great headache, ha ha. It comes back to coming up with new ideas for growing the company, the same sort of reasoning. Coming up with ways to counter that, to come up with new solutions, to make it easier. 

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