Hiring A Coach For Your Team: The Pros & Cons

Wondering if you should consider hiring a coach for your team’s next work trip? Here’s some pros & cons to help you decide:

The Pros Of Hiring A Coach

To start with it’s more environmentally friendly than each of your team driving there, and ensures they all get there on time. It’s also likely to be more cost-effective if you are paying for their petrol for the journey, depending on how many team members you have & the length of the journey vs the cost of the coach. It’s worth adding up how much you will actually have to pay in petrol and putting in a Booking Request for a coach with that as your budget. We might not be able to find anything in budget, but it’s worth us looking. While trains are also a good choice for reducing your team’s carbon footprint, coaches are generally more affordable. 

Additionally, it helps your team bond as they have the opportunity to talk without needing it to be about work. You could even plan some group activities to help pass the time while doing some team-building. It’s also a good benefit to offer your team as many people don’t like driving long distances. They are extra helpful if you are working in Europe or Ireland and already planned to take the ferry.

A hired coach driving on the road on a cliffside. The coach and cliff are on the left of the image, with the sea on the right.

The Cons Of Hiring A Coach

If you have a small team and / or aren’t travelling far it could be the opposite of cost-effective. Additionally, if there’s a good reason to bring your vehicles with you then it could be a hindrance. Coaches also usually take longer than cars to get to their destination – especially if they are picking people up at more than one spot. There is also the fact that some members of your team might prefer to drive, either due to boredom or feeling sick as a passenger. While a good coach company should factor in regular stops at service stations, they aren’t likely to stop at every service station. This means that any members of your team likely to need more regular bathroom breaks might be disadvantaged. Coaches do usually have a toilet onboard but it’s often locked for journeys within the UK. 

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