Why Everyone Gets The ‘Gary Lineker Treatment’ When They Book With Rapid Travel Group

In a rush to reach Russia and head-up the BBC’s World Cup coverage, the nation’s favourite football presenter, Mr Gary Lineker, has caused a bit of an outcry in the newspapers.

Apparently, on a flight over to Moscow, he travelled business class, while fellow England football legend, Terry Butcher (the guy who played on with the bloody head injury…you remember the pictures, right?), had to do with travelling in economy.

Worst of it is…they were on the same flight!

If you’ve ever been boarding a plane with friends and only one of you struck it lucky with an upgrade, you can imagine how poor old Terry Butcher felt watching Lineker ‘turn left’ when he got on the plane.

Of course, no one is pretending it was just luck that got Gary the upgrade. As far as the BBC is concerned, he’s their star man and they would have booked the high level of travel intentionally.

We dread to think what poor old Terry’s hotel room will look like compared to Gary’s. In fact, we wonder if Terry might even be forced to sleep in the bath of Gary’s en-suite.

Don’t travel like Terry

When it comes to travelling for business and working away from home, here at Rapid Travel Group we make sure no one ever has to travel like Terry.

No matter what your budget might be, we’ll make sure you get the most out of what you’ve got and get the best experience you can. With us, you’ll always get the ‘Gary Lineker’ treatment.

Our experienced, friendly and totally dedicated travel assistants are always on hand to help you in anyway they can to make sure your time on the road feels that bit closer to home.

Whether it’s help arranging travel, assistance checking you in or recommendations while you’re out of town…we’re there to go the extra mile in making sure you feel like the star of the show (and not just a pundit).

If only Terry Butcher had called us ahead of his trip…we could have found a way to give him the Gary Lineker treatment too.

To make sure you always get the best business travel and accommodation you can, before you book your next trip, why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

Call us on 0330 090 41 42 or email us at info@rapidtravelgroup.com to find out how you can avoid poor Terry Butcher’s fate and always get the Gary Lineker treatment.

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