Why Use Self-Catering Business Accommodation?

Sometimes, there’s more to business stays than simply checking into a hotel room. Shift work may mean you need to arrive before the designated time, or that you won’t be around when the kitchen’s open. That’s why more and more business travellers have been turning to self-catering business accommodation.

We’ve rounded up five reasons to choose self-catering for your business stay.

Enjoy The Flexibility Of Self-Catering Accommodation

Self-catering means you have the flexibility to come and go as you please, arriving and departing at times that are best for you. Therefore, you won’t have to pay any additional fees for late check-out after a post-night shift sleep.

Find Business Accommodation To Suit Your Budget

With the right research and booking negotiation, self-catering business accommodation is fantastic value for money. You receive a lot more space than just a room for sleeping, no matter where you book. While small cottages and contemporary apartments are always a favourite, you may find manor houses and luxury lodges within your budget, too.

Take Advantage Of The Extra Facilities During Your Stay

Self-catering accommodation is like a home away from home, so you’ll find that your place to stay (whether that be in Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, or anywhere else in the UK) will have a variety of facilities needed for every day such as your own oven and washing machine. Some places may even provide luxuries like gym equipment or a hot tub – and it will be private to you, too.

Eat When And Where You Want

Having your very own kitchen means you can store and prepare your own food and snacks, and have them readily available whenever you need them – even at 2am after a late shift! You can be sure that the food you have meets your dietary requirements, and you’ll save money on dining in the long run. Of course, if you did want to explore the area, your host will be able to recommend the best local restaurants, cafes and bars.

Make Yourself Comfortable With Spacious Business Accommodation

Self-catering properties will provide travellers with more space, which is very useful for colleagues travelling in groups. As well as private bedrooms, you’ll find communal areas – whether a living room, dining room or private patio, where the group can relax and socialise before turning in for the night.

Finding Self-Catering Business Accommodation

Not all self-catering business accommodation is created equally, and sourcing the right place to stay can therefore be something of a headache. Our team have the connections and the experience to not only find you the perfect place, but will also be able get you the best possible price and take care of all the admin work.

Find out how our business accommodation service works today. If you need business accommodation now, that’s not a problem, just email us at info@rapidtravelgroup.com or call us on 0330 090 4142. Our Advisors are ready to help!

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