Business Travel Booking: A Guide For Beginners

Business travel booking can be complicated & time-consuming if you haven’t done it before. Here’s a guide for beginners to get you on the right track:

First Things First

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have some idea of the number of people you’ll need accommodation for, and your requirements. Separate your requirements into what is necessary and what is just something you want. This will make it easier to occasionally cut something out if prices are unexpectedly high one week. If you need parking for any HGVs, then try to get their measurements & weight. It may be needed. If this is an international trip, then you’ll need passport details. 

The easiest way to handle your business travel booking is actually to have someone else make the bookings. This saves you lots of time & hassle, as well as keeping all the info & invoices in one place. You can get set up to do this by booking a free virtual appointment with us HERE. We’ll help you set your budget, and any requirements you’ll have for every booking, set up your login details for our online booking platform, as well as adding your travellers details. We’ll save your team’s details so you won’t have to waste time re-submitting them for every booking.

Your Travel Policy

You should write up a travel policy, including your budget & requirements, and send a copy to anyone who will be making booking requests. It’s essential everyone is on the same page so that they don’t waste time or money on out of budget requests or by increasing the budget. If your travel policy includes any rules all travellers are to follow, they should also be sent a copy.

Making A Business Travel Booking Request

You might be asking yourself; ‘how do I make a booking?’ The easiest way is by using our online booking platform – RORI, and logging in with the details you set up in your virtual appointment. Just click on the yellow ‘Request A Booking’ button, on the right hand side of the homepage, or go to the bookings page. Here you can fill in all the details and submit it.  

We’ll get back to you ASAP to let you know we’ve started working on it, then to send you some options. Unless the booking is urgent, we should respond in working hours 9am-5:30pm on weekdays. You can either tell us to keep looking or approve one of the options, then we’ll get it booked. Quick & easy!

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