Improving Your Hotel Stay: Tips From Experts

Improving your hotel stay can make a massive difference to working away from home, especially if you are staying for more than a night. Here’s some tips from business travel experts to help:

What You Can Bring To Improve Your Hotel Stay

While bringing lots of extra stuff might improve your hotel stay, but not your journey, there are some small things you can add to your bag without accidentally doubling the size of your luggage. A collapsible mug or cup could be a gamechanger if you don’t like using the one provided or you are staying somewhere that doesn’t include one in the room. A small framed family photo might help you feel less homesick. You could bring a clothes peg to pin the curtains together to stop cracks of light from getting through. Masking tape to cover the light on the TV is another idea.

If you are willing to bring some bigger items, the main thing we’d suggest is your own pillow. Even high quality pillows can prevent you sleeping if they are very different to what you are used to. For example most hotel pillows are synthetic. If you always use a feather pillow at home, you should certainly consider how this could improve your hotel stay.

What You Can Request To Improve Your Hotel Stay

When you put in your booking request on our online booking platform – RORI, there is a section near the bottom for you to add requests. We’ll try our hardest to find accommodation (or travel) that meets these requirements in budget. You can have us look for hotels with blackout blinds on the windows, air-con, and even different pillow choices. A common request is dog friendly hotels. Some other ideas could be a hotel with a gym or a swimming pool. It might affect the cost, and it might not always be possible to find, but we can look. 

You can also have us request reasonable things from the hotel. That might be checking-in or out at an unusual time or even requesting to be in a usually quiet section of the hotel. The hotel might tell us that it isn’t possible, but we can always ask for you.

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