Using A Travel Management Company: The Benefits

Using a travel management company like Rapid Travel Group can be a difficult decision. Here’s some benefits to take into consideration:

The Time Saved

Imagine never having to do any of the accommodation work yourself! That’s how booking through a travel management company like us works. You tell what you need and we do all of the searching, not just for the accommodation, but for a better deal. On average, we save our clients 16.5 hours of their time a week, just by taking that task off their plate. Additionally, we can find accommodation quicker than you might be able to just because of our experience. Our Travel Advisors sometimes know the perfect accommodation from the moment they read the booking request.

Our Travel Advisors have 15 minutes to respond to a booking request within working hours, then 3 hours to find and send you some booking options. For a booking request for the same day, they have 30 minutes to find & send options. Out of hours, unless it’s urgent or an emergency, the booking request will be looked at the next day.

The Money Saved

Did you know that we have exclusive discounts with accommodation suppliers across the UK? We even have some international exclusive discounts. That’s just the beginning of how using Rapid Travel Group for your travel management can decrease your annual travel spend. This May we’ll have been in business for 12 years, and our directors have a combined 50 years of experience. That’s a lot of experience in getting the best possible price and finding deals most won’t be able to.

Money saved in a year completely depends on how often you travel, how many rooms you need, where you are going, and your requirements, so we don’t have any specific figures. However, for example, if you stayed at the same 2 bed serviced house for 2 nights every week for a year, where we have an exclusive discount, you’d save £1,867 when booking through us! That’s £35 a week. Based on a specific property with a specific supplier.

The Support Gained

When you use a travel management company like us you gain support when it would have just been down to you. If you’re having trouble checking-in you can give us a call. If you’re struggling with invoices, our accounts team is happy to help. We even answer the phone in the middle of the night on our emergency line. We’re here to help you at every step! 

When you get onboarded ready to start booking through us, you get assigned to one of our teams of Travel Advisors. They are small teams who will get to know your company, and your needs, like the back of their hand. 

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