Working Away In Spring: Seasonal Tips

Working away in spring comes with some new seasonal challenges. Here’s some tips to help you out:

How The Weather Changes Things

As the UK (and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere) starts to get warmer in March, there are some new challenges to working away. To begin with, spring weather is unpredictable. It’s important to have water, sun lotion, and a hat with you, to be prepared for unexpected hot weather. While the weather is getting warmer, you should still be packing your coat, in case you break down at night. Outfits made up of layers are a good way to be prepared for both. If you’re a sufferer, you should also remember your hayfever tablets / wipes!

It doesn’t make a big difference, but you could also consider the season when making special requests for your accommodation. Want to have a team BBQ after work one day? Now the weather is getting warmer you can request accommodation with a garden & BBQ.

Price Changes To Remember When Working Away In Spring

Hotel & accommodation prices are likely to increase in March, especially in popular tourist areas, such as city centres and historical areas. There might also be a slight increase in beach / coastal towns as well, although these aren’t yet in season. There will also be a minimum wage increase across the UK in April. While this won’t cost hotels extra in March, they may increase prices ahead of time to try to prevent any initial loss of profit. Trade shows (and the hotel rooms they book) are also starting to increase as we get out of winter. 

You might want to reconsider your budgets if it hasn’t been updated recently or didn’t take peak tourism prices into account.

The Spring Boost In Tourism

More people going on holiday doesn’t just raise hotel room prices, it also means crowds & traffic. You should bear this in mind for commute times from your accommodation to site, and travel time from home to the place you are working. 

You should also be aware that accommodation isn’t the only price that might increase. Train tickets, coach hire costs, ferry tickets, plane tickets, etc. are also likely to increase to keep up with UK minimum wage changes. They likely have thousands of minimum wage employees to pay more, and thousands of higher paid employees they may also have to raise the wage of. 

Want some more tips to make working away in spring more cost-effective?

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