Booking A Flight: 5 Things To Check

When it comes to booking a flight, it’s easy to just pick the cheapest option on the day you want to take-off, but are you missing something? Here’s some things to check before booking:

Booking A Seat

It’s common to just make sure the seats are together (if choosing your seat isn’t extra), but there’s other things to think about. If you have someone who gets travel sick, then it’s best to put them at the front of the plane. Statistically, middle seats in the back of the plane are the safest. While unlikely to make any difference, you could book the statistically safest seats if it mattered to you.

It’s also worth checking the route the plane will take as well. You might be more comfortable on the more shaded side of the plane. Additionally, if there’s no extra cost, why not check which side will have better views? If there’s a chance your flight might see the Northern Lights, then you could choose the north side of the plane. If you let us know you have a preference, we can check these things for you when you request a flight.


Before actually booking the flight, check all the details of the connections! How long would you be at that airport, might you risk missing the connecting flight if there’s a delay, etc. Flights are often cheaper with connections but you should always check them carefully before committing. It wouldn’t be the first time they expect you to wait at an airport for 14 hours or give you only 15 minutes to get on the next flight. We check all this carefully when we book our clients flights!

The Take-Off Time

It might be the convenient time, but is it going to end up a stressful nightmare of delays and long queues? Ideally you want the airport to be as quiet as possible. Yes, this might mean that there is only 1 person checking you in, and only one queue at security, but if there’s far less people it shouldn’t be a problem. It might also mean that none of the restaurants and shops are  open, but they are usually far too busy anyway. You need to decide what’s more important to you personally. Get through the airport stress-free, or be able to visit all of the shops. 

Certain take-off times are less likely to cause delays as well. The busier the airport, the more likely your plane is to get a delay. This is because there’s much less time between flights to get the plane ready again. The best time to take-off to avoid delays is between 6am and 8am. It’s also a good idea to book for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, which are also quieter. We always try to get you the best price possible for the dates requested, but if you have some flexibility it’s a good idea to tell us that you could fly on another date if it’s cheaper.

The Details

You do get a chance to alter booking details if you think you’ve added any of your details incorrectly, but only for a short period. When booking a flight through Rapid, it’s best to double check before sending the booking request, and let us know ASAP if anything needs changing. Adding extras, such as in-flight meals, should also be as early as possible so make sure to check these have been added.


Before actually booking your flight (or putting in a booking request) it’s essential to check if you need a visa to travel to that country. Some countries require visas for any traveller, others for passports from certain countries. Especially check if it’s an EU country, especially if you assumed you didn’t need one because you didn’t on your last trip, which could’ve been before the UK left the EU. You will certainly need one for the U.S. & Australia. With a British passport, you won’t need one for The Netherlands (our most booked European country), but you might need proof of travel plans & an ETIAS. 

You should always check this before any trip, but the earlier the better. If you have forgotten to check before booking, then do it ASAP. If you have to cancel your flights then you stand the best chance of not losing money if you do it quickly.

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