Requesting Contractor Accommodation: Our Top Tips

Requesting contractor accommodation seems simple enough, but what mistakes could you be making? Here some top tips from experts:

Rethink The Location

One of the most common requests we get on accommodation is being as close to site as possible, but is that always the best thing? If your site is in the city centre, contractor accommodation in that area will be extra expensive. It’s also more likely to be next to a club, which is likely to keep you awake at night. If you’re staying in a hotel, it’s less likely to have parking. 

We’re not suggesting that you get accommodation miles away, but there could be a significant price difference between 5 minutes away and 10 minutes away. Additionally, 10 minutes away might be in a quiet residential area, or a hotel that has parking. Instead of simply putting ‘close to site’ in your requirements, why not put ‘reasonably close to site but in a residential area’?

Consider The Most Cost-Effective Type of Accommodation

A lot of our clients have a clear favourite between hotels, serviced accommodation, and bed & breakfasts. While there’s nothing wrong with that, requesting the same type for every booking could leave you out of pocket. If you’ve got 7 team members staying 3 weeks, it’s probably cheaper to put them in a serviced house together. Meanwhile, 2 team members staying 3 nights are likely to be better in a hotel or B&B. 

Is your favourite hotel chain still the best choice? As well as preferring hotels, some of our clients always want to stay in the same hotel chain. You could be missing out on a cheaper, potentially better, independent hotel in the area!

An example of a large living room in a serviced house or apartment.

Reconsider Your Budget

When was the last time you looked over your budget? A lot of our clients are surprised to realise that it was years ago. Prices have changed a lot in the last few years, you might not be getting the same quality of accommodation you think you are paying for. 

Start by talking to your team about what they actually need, and what they can reasonably request that would make working away a better experience. It wouldn’t be the first time Senior Management were proven wrong about what team members want from their digs. Make a list of these in order of priority and do some research about what prices you should expect for them. If you’d like some help with your budget, just get in touch.


City centre accommodation with parking is like gold dust, especially enough parking for multiple large vans or a HGV. It’s best to have the full weights & measurements of all larger than average vehicles written down. This will cut down how long it takes to find you your accommodation, which can be vital when you put in a priority request. 

It’s also a good idea to carpool where possible. City centre accommodation with parking for 2 cars will likely be much cheaper than city centre accommodation with parking for 3 cars.

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