Booking Early For Business Events?

Booking accommodation for business events is often left until the last minute, but it shouldn’t be. Here’s some reasons why:

Availability On The Dates Of The Business Events

When you’re attending a large business event that takes place over multiple days it’s safe to assume that all of the exhibitors and many of the visitors will be booking in the area. As well as any other events the same venue is hosting. It’s tempting to think that the event being out of town will mean plenty of availability because of the lack of tourists but it’s often not the case. Even with places like the NEC being surrounded by hotels, enough popular events at the same time could fill all of the affordable rooms. Lack of availability also means lack of choice, meaning you could end up somewhere not suited to your requirements.

Getting Organised

Instead of letting your team book their own digs, send a booking request to us for all of them. This way no one will leave it till the last minute or worse; forget completely. This also means that you can travel together, saving on fuel costs. The booking detaIls will get sent to all of the team members so there is no confusion. You can also use our credit facility and pay later. Additionally, the trip will be easier to budget if you know exactly what the accommodation is going to cost (and you’ve saved money on it by booking early).

An example of business events held in a library.

Distance From The Business Events

It might not seem so bad having a room a 10 minute drive from your business event but that 10 minutes could turn into 40 in rush hour. Even if the delay doesn’t throw off your schedule, it’s still irritating. If you book early enough you can make sure you get a much closer hotel or a hotel with better facilities. Having to book in the city centre often means not having a car park.

Accommodation Prices In The Area

As availability drops, prices rise. Hotels also keep an eye on events in the area and raise their prices accordingly. You wouldn’t expect to find a cheap room in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day and the biggest show of the year is no different. The best way to ensure you get a good price is to book as soon as you know the dates of the business event, even if that’s a year in advance. So long as going to the show is confirmed, get it booked. You can also save some money by booking through us, so you can get our exclusive discounts. Booking all together might even get you a discount.

An example of one of the meeting rooms you could hire.

Special Requirements

Do you have special requirements, such as parking for a HGV? You are far less likely to find this when you leave your accommodation to the last minute. Booking early gives the hotel time to prepare for you, which might mean they can prepare space in their car park that wouldn’t otherwise have been available.

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