Accommodation in the Outer Hebrides & Channel Islands: your questions answered.

An upcoming work trip to the Channel Islands or the Outer Hebrides can be daunting when you don’t know what to expect. Here’s some answers to common questions we get asked to help you prepare for your trip.

Do we book in the Channel Islands / Outer Hebrides / other British Islands?

Yes, we book anywhere our clients need to go, so long as there is accommodation on the island. This shouldn’t be a problem with larger islands such as Jersey but some are more remote (Foula only has 30 residents).

What if there is no accommodation on the island?

We will always try to get you as close to site as possible in your budget. If there is accommodation on the island that is just out of budget we will discuss if you’d rather increase your budget on if you’d rather a longer commute. If the island is too remote for digs then we can discuss what the next best option is, which could be travelling to your site while staying on the mainland on the next closest island. Many of the islands in the Outer Hebrides are connected by causeways (none are tidal), bridges and ferries so travel between them is easier than you might think.

P.S. A causeway is a raised road allowing you to drive between the islands. As they are non tidal in the Outer Hebrides you won’t have to wait for low tide to access them. Although, they might be considered dangerous during storms.

The causeway linking Eriskay to South Uist in the Outer Hebirides, Scotland.
The causeway linking Eriskay to South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

Will it affect our budget?

While the islands are full of self catering houses with fantastic views & high prices, this isn’t the only option. There are still budget options, some of which are ideal for teams working in the area. Other factors such as time of year can affect prices so it’s best to ask us with more specific parameters.

How will I get to Barra / Sark / Eriskay / Isle of Lewis etc?

We can book all of your travel for you as well as your accommodation. We will also arrange all of the details into an itinerary for you, to make things as straightforward as possible.

What else should I know before visiting the Outer Hebrides or Channel Islands?

  • Phoning home from the Channel Islands is too far to be classed as a UK call and you may be charged international prices. 
  • Jersey & Guernsey are self-governing with their own legal systems and courts of law. Don’t assume all laws will be exactly the same.
  • Cars are prohibited on Sark.
  • It’s best to bring a car to the Outer Hebrides, bus times can be irregular. 
  • You don’t need a passport but you should bring at least one form of photo ID. 
  • Maximum speed limit in Guernsey is just 35mph. Parking is free but you need a paper ‘Parking Clock’, which you can buy on the ferry, at the police station and the visitor centre. The Highway Code for Guernsey
  • Ferry & flight times in the Outer Hebrides are more decided by the weather than a schedule. Be prepared for delays and entire days when flights are cancelled. At Barra airport tides also affect the runway.
  • The Channel Islands aren’t part of the NHS.
  • Weather can be extreme and change quickly in the Outer Hebrides so it’s best to be prepared and keep this in mind when packing for your trip.

If you have any questions we don’t cover, just send us an email or a social media message!

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