Car Hire: Pros & Cons

Not sure what the best option for you is? It can be tricky deciding the most cost-effective and suitable transport option for your team. Here we’ll be going over the pros & cons of car hire to help make the decision simple.

The Pros of Car Hire


When working in a remote area, it’s never a good idea to be limited to the local bus routes, which are likely to be irregular and will go through many villages before your destination. Even in the city you could find that you have to make several bus or train changes to get to your destination. The current frequency of strikes could also mean that having to rely on public transport could end up with you stranded in an area you don’t know well. Not to mention the amount of time you would save in a week from not having to wait for buses and trains.

Choice of Car to Hire

Hiring a car or van is a great opportunity to hire a vehicle more suited to your project or project location. For example a 4×4 might make more sense than your own car when working in the countryside and a pickup truck could help with your work itself. If you don’t have any requirements for your vehicle and your budget covers it, why not take the opportunity to hire a luxury car? Most types of car are available for hire (although some are very costly) so taking your dream car for a spin could be easier than you think.

A yellow Audi Coupe in a dark showroom. A potential type of car you could hire.
A potential car to hire.

The Cons of Car Hire

Extra Expenses

If you aren’t leaving the UK then bringing your own car is in most cases more cost-effective than renting a car. If you don’t have your own car, getting a colleague on the same project to drive you is a good option. Additionally if you are only taking a few buses during the trip, public transport will likely be much cheaper than hiring a car. 

When abroad, many countries also have adequate public transport, making it less necessary to hire a car. Prices can also vary, with Iceland having more than twice as much average cost to hire a car for a week, than Ireland.

Most Expensive Countries to Hire a Car


One of the most restrictive rules car hire companies often place on their customers is only allowing people aged 25 and over to hire a car, regardless of years of driving experience or necessity to hire a car. This is something you should heavily consider if you are sending younger team members on remote or abroad projects.

Car hire rental agreement with the car keys on top and a small grey toy car.
Car Rental agreement.

Things to Consider

  • How remote is your digs & site?
  • How much public transport would you need to take?
  • Public transport routes in the area.
  • Average hire costs in that country.
  • Ages if your team.
  • Your budget.
  • Your requirements.

You should now have everything you need to make the decision much more straightforward. By considering these things, your actual requirements become much clearer.

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