How to Keep Accommodation Costs Low

Keeping accommodation costs low is an essential part of any construction job or business trip. Here’s how you can keep costs low (and what causes them to increase):

Check the Dates

Some dates naturally have vastly increased prices in certain locations, especially any popular tourist spots and seaside locations. It’s a good idea to do a quick Google Search for events in that location and when this year’s bank holidays are. Any period of increased demand can lead to rooms becoming twice the price as they will be a week later. It’s often not possible but if you can arrange your stay to avoid peak dates then you’ll be sure to save some unnecessary costs.

Pricey Requirements

The best way to consistently keep accommodation costs low is to keep your requirements simple. It can be tempting to want ensuites, king size beds and Netflix but they all push the price up. Some of the most expensive add-ons are luxury items such as hot tubs and snooker tables. They might help make your trip more enjoyable, but they only tend to be available in luxury properties. A long list of requirements also rules out many cheaper accommodation options. Your team might not like it but one of the best ways to keep costs low is to have your team share bedrooms. Eight single beds across three bedrooms are a much cheaper house than eight bedrooms.

Snooker tables usually increase accommodation costs. How to keep accommodation costs low
Snooker Tables usually increase accommodation costs.

Location Location Location

Requesting your digs to be as close to site as possible might be very convenient but if your site is in the centre of London that alone has already skyrocketed your price. It’s a good idea to consider how close to site you want to be and if that’s worth any extra costs it might cause. There could be a significant price difference between being one mile away and being 3 miles away. It can also be tempting to be close to amenities, but do you really need to be closer than you would be at home? Being less than a minute’s walk from the shop may be much pricier than being a 10-minute walk away.

Use Rapid for your Accommodation to Keep Costs Low

One of the best reasons to use Rapid is our access to exclusive discounts that we share with our clients. We have deals with many of our suppliers and around 4,000 suppliers across the UK. When you first join us we work with you to refine your budget, making sure keeping your costs down is one of our priorities. Our bespoke booking platform (RORI) also keeps detailed records of your accounts, annual spendings and invoices, so you never lose track of what you are spending on digs.

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Focused on your budget! Keep accommodation costs low by using Rapid Travel Group!
Keep accommodation costs low by using Rapid Travel Group!

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