Robotic Solutions: The Latest Trend in Hospitality

Robotic solutions are on the rise in the hospitality industry, but would you like to be served by them?

Robotic Solutions are Increasing

Robotic solutions are on the rise in many industries, including hospitality. Our Operations Director, Rebecca, even got an email advertising them recently. One of the main reasons is a reported staffing shortage in hospitality, which was due to hit a record high in June. They’re best used alongside human staff, to do the more repetitive parts of a task. Some of the most popular robots used are for cleaning and tray delivery! They certainly increase efficiency in these capacities.

Possible Effects

Robotic solutions (when advertised to guests) might initially increase bookings at the hotels & accommodations using them, out of novelty, but this will surely die down. While robots might have skills no human staff member could possibly have, they will also lack a personal touch and are likely to not have answers to the more unusual questions a guest might ask. This isn’t a problem with most of the robots being used, as many aren’t programmed to answer questions. However, robot guides are being used in some museums, so joining the reception team might be the next step. Additionally, there is always the issue of them breaking down or running out of battery at inopportune times. It may also give the hotel a dystopian feel, potentially making some guests feel uncomfortable. While staff shortage might have increased the need for robotic solutions, they may also result in a lack of career opportunities in the industry.

Why We Aren’t Considering Using Them

No matter how you feel about robots joining the teams at hotels across the world, you can rest assured that they won’t be joining the Rapid team. At Rapid we pride ourselves on our personalised service and don’t even outsource our out-of-hours calls. A robot or A.I. could never provide the same level of service as a human who knows you and your company well. We’d like to believe that the service we provide everyday reflects this.

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