How to get the most out of your Accommodation

It’s easy to become disenchanted with your accommodation when you constantly work away from home. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are always getting the most out of your accommodation. Not just for you, but for your team!

Choosing the right type of Accommodation for YOU

The best type of accommodation for you, your team and your company can be completely different to the best type of accommodation for a friend’s firm. 

While serviced houses and apartments offer far more privacy, home comforts and space than an average hotel room, or room in a B&B, a B&B is often the cheapest option for a small team (2-4 people) and a large team (10+) might be better in a hotel. Consider what the best option for your team is before requesting your next digs.

Some more information to help you decide:

Your stylish serviced apartment!
Your stylish serviced apartment!
Your hotel's handy 24 hour reception.
Your hotel’s handy 24 hour reception.

Food Options at your Accommodation

While a hotel breakfast included in the price might be perfect for a few nights, it isn’t a good option for a longer stay. Many serviced apartments have adequate kitchen facilities for a business stay, and most serviced houses have full kitchens. 

Being able to cook your own food will not only make a longer business stay cheaper, but is essential for healthy eating, as pub/restaurant/takeaway food is never designed to be eaten daily and therefore doesn’t prioritise a healthy diet. Eating every meal out will also quickly become very expensive, with an average pub main meal costing £11.87.

Special Requirements & Requests

Why not utilise the opportunity to request exactly what your team ideally needs. We can specifically look for accommodations with secure parking for bigger vehicles and king size beds. Although, it is worth noting that a long list of requirements limits the chances of available accommodations being in budget. You can also request dog friendly accommodation, so you can bring along man’s best friend.

Tips for taking your dog along on your business trip:

Vans parked securely outside your accommodation!
Vans parked securely outside your accommodation!
A golden retriever on the bed in your accommodation.
Bring a dog to your accommodation!

Location of your Accommodation

While it’s essential that your digs are within your chosen distance from your site, there are other ways you can make location requests. You can always request to be as close as possible to amenities, or ask for digs somewhere more rural. 

There are lots of different ways to have accommodation preferences, so why not make sure you are always getting something perfect for you and your team?

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