The Benefits of Travelling by Ferry

Travelling by ferry has a number of benefits, making it in many cases a better choice than taking a plane or train. Here are some of the reasons you might consider taking a ferry on your next business trip:

Man’s Best Friend

Many ferries are pet friendly (although often requesting that they stay in the vehicle or cabin) and it’s a much less distressing way for the pet to travel than the baggage hold of a plane. It also means not having to buy a travel cage for your dog, which can cost a lot more than a car harness. Brittany Ferries also have pet exercise areas onboard their pet friendly ships. Remember to bring a lead and muzzle for your dog as they will be required to wear them outside of your cabin/car.

Brittany Ferries pet friendly ships:

Some tips for travelling with pets:

Dog on-board a boat
Dog on-board a boat

A Bed for the Night in a Ferry Cabin

Some ferries for longer journeys offer their passengers a bed for the night – a service not offered on even the longest commercial flights, unless you count a reclined chair in first class. While some trains do have beds, they are usually trains intended for holidays on the actual train, rather than getting from A to B.

Room for vehicles on a Ferry

Since you can take your work vehicle or car with you, you can avoid a hire vehicle cost when you get there. Depending on the ferry company and the journey (luggage restrictions vary), you’ll also be able to take more luggage. Not having to carry your bags everywhere also means that you can bring all of your tools (as long as they fit in your car).

Vehicles on-board a Ferry
Vehicles on-board a Ferry

Your Health is better on a Ferry

Ferries provide a unique experience, where you can move around freely while you travel. The fresh sea air can also be good for your health, as well as a lower risk of developing conditions from lack of movement, which are a much higher risk on a plane. The ability to move around freely also means that you will have a more enjoyable time onboard.

The Food On-board

Some would argue that the food on-board is the best reason to take a ferry. With the benefit of having a proper kitchen, ferries usually have better quality and a better choice of food to choose from than a plane or train. Any shops on board may also have snacks!

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