Serviced accommodation: the benefits.

If you often have to work away with your company, you are probably used to staying in cramped hotel rooms. Have you ever considered that there might be a better option? There are many benefits to staying in serviced accommodation rather than a hotel or a bed & breakfast.

The flexibility of serviced accommodation.

Hotels often have much stricter rules on what time you have to go to breakfast, leave your room for the day and get back before they lock the front doors for the night. Consider what a working day on a business trip looks like for you and whether it would work well with the restrictions hotels put on it’s guests. If you work in demolition and often operate through the night in city centres, hotels probably aren’t for you.

A dishwasher in serviced accommodation. One of the many benefits to serviced accommodation.
A dishwasher in serviced accommodation.

A home away from home.

A full kitchen, a washing machine, a dishwasher, Netflix, a coffee machine and lot’s of other luxuries can be found in serviced accommodation. These luxuries might be nice to have for a short stay but they can become essential for a longer one. Consider having to stay in a hotel for a month and being without some of the things you use everyday at home.

There are also serviced accommodations that include luxuries such as hot tubs and swimming pools.

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Having your own space in serviced accommodation.

If you’re staying alone or are in a 1 bed studio then you can walk around in your underwear and put the TV on as loud as you want. You can also eat breakfast without a hundred other people and don’t have maids invading your room daily. 

Not to mention that you can enjoy more space in a serviced apartment, with an average 1 bedroom apartment being around twice the size of an average hotel room and a serviced house being much bigger than that.

More info on the size of a hotel room vs an apartment:

Team Bonding

A serviced house or apartment with multiple bedrooms often means your team can all stay in one house or apartment. If you get on well with your team, this can mean being much less lonely than hours alone in your hotel room can be. Spending time with your team outside of standard work hours can also help you bond, improving teamwork and helping maintain staff for longer.

A team of Contractors on site somewhere they would need serviced accommodation.
A team on site.

The cost-effectiveness of serviced accommodation.

If you’re planning on a long stay, serviced accommodation will likely be more cost-effective than a hotel. Additionally being able to cook your own food will be a lot cheaper than having to buy ready made food or eat at the hotel restaurant. 

Hotels can also have a number of hidden charges, such as the mini-fridge, late check-out and wanting to use the gym.

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