National Apprenticeship Week: An Interview with Phoenix

This national apprenticeship week we have spoken to a valued member of our team; Phoenix, who is an apprentice Travel Advisor and has been with Rapid since March 2021.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Phoenix: My favourite thing about my job role is being able to help and assist different customers each day and being able to offer them great customer service. I also love creating bonds with my colleagues and clients!

What’s the most important thing you have learnt as part of your apprenticeship work? How has it helped you in your role?

Phoenix: My apprenticeship has given me an insight into many different parts of customer service and helped me enhance my knowledge in the industry and be able to become the best that I can be! It has helped my role in too many ways to even state.

You’ve been with Rapid since last March. In almost a year as part of the team, what has been your favourite memory or event?

Phoenix: The Christmas meal is definitely one of my highlights of the year, as well as the office weeks that we have each month. Seeing all of my colleagues and being able to work alongside each other definitely has its perks!

Group photo of some of the team, taken in the summer, including Phoenix.
Phoenix (4th from left) with other team members in the summer, at one of the office weeks.

Who at Rapid was the most helpful and friendly in your first month?

Phoenix: I think everyone was really helpful and friendly in the first month but if I had to pick anyone out I would say Charlotte and Michelle, who  welcomed me into Team 1 with open arms and helped me along the way!

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