How can outsourcing accommodation benefit me and my business?

It can be tempting to want to keep everything in-house, but is it really the best option? Here’s some reasons why outsourcing your accommodation is the best way you can improve your business:

Saving You Money

Outsourcing to a company like Rapid Travel Group can save you money in a number of ways. To begin with we always make your budget a priority when looking for your accommodation, as well as using our years of experience to get deals most people won’t find. Outsourcing accommodation is also often cheaper than hiring someone for travel management.

Rapid also provides credit facilities and detailed records of your accommodation costs, helping you get a better idea of how much your company spends annually on accommodation.

Photo shows an open plan living space with white walls and floor. It includes a white sofa, with black cushions, a minimalist coffee table, a small office desk, decorative lamps and a black and white patterned rug. This is an example of a servied accommodation.
An example of a serviced house or apartment.

Saving You Time

On average we save our customers 16.5 hours a week, that’s 858 hours in a year! Just imagine what you could use that extra time for? 

Outsourcing your accommodation is a fantastic way to make your businesses as efficient as possible. Freeing up that amount of time could mean fitting more projects into a calendar year.

We also save our customers time by making sure all of your travellers know their travel & accommodation details for you. Additionally using Rapid means you don’t have to waste time sourcing invoices from a number of different places, we keep them all together for you.

Four images showing some of the features serviced accommodation has that hotels don't In the top left is a dishwasher, in the top right is a full kitchen with an Oven, in the bottom left is a claw-footed bath tub and in the bottom right is a washing machine.
Some of the benefits to choosing serviced accommodation over hotels.

Saving you Effort

If you and your team have a number of projects in different places coming up, you’ll have to individually find accommodation in the different places for a number of people… unless you let Rapid handle it.

Outsourcing your accommodation can really take the pressure off and it’s no secret that booking digs isn’t something many people enjoy, so why not get someone else to do it?

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