5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Self-Catering For Your Next Trip

Why choose self-catering?

It’s tempting to choose a hotel, thinking about their breakfast options, but is it really the best option? Here’s 5 reasons why self-catering could be perfect for you!

Staying for more than a few days?

The limited TV choices in your hotel room and the cost of eating out is going to start to get old after a week. Serviced apartments and houses often have better TV options, such as Netflix, not to mention a proper living room with sofas. They also more often than not have fully equipped kitchens, perfect for making your own tea at a fraction of the cost. They also often have a washing machine and dryer, so you can put your work clothes straight in the wash.


There isn’t much privacy in hotels. With people in the rooms either side and across from you and a 100 people at breakfast, it can feel like you never get any privacy. This changes with self-catering accommodation.

If you choose to go with a one bedroom apartment then there isn’t anything stopping you from making your tea in your boxers. Even in a serviced house, the only people staying with you will be your co-workers.

It’s Usually Cheaper

Part of the price for your hotel room goes towards breakfast, which has more choice than you would ever need at home. If you usually start each day with Weetabix, why pay extra to have pancakes and omelettes?

More Flexible

Imagine it’s your day off and instead of getting to sleep in, you have to be up for breakfast by 8:30 and you get back after breakfast to find the maid cleaning your room, no chance of going back to bed now.

With self-catering you decide when you have your breakfast, and no maids show up to demand you get out of bed.

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Pet Friendly

Not all serviced apartments & houses are pet friendly, but many are, and they are more likely to be than hotels! We know bringing man’s best friend along is important to many of our clients, so we keep as many pet friendly properties on our books as we can find.

There might be plenty of reasons that self-catering might be perfect for you, but just in case it isn’t, we book hotels and bed & breakfasts as well. Just get in touch via the contact details at the top of the page,  and we can find you the perfect accommodation for you!

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