5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring a Car on Your Next Business Trip

If you’re planning an upcoming business trip you’ve probably considered whether it’s best to hire a car or rely on public transport. Here’s 5 reasons you should go with the former.

Saves Time

Just think about all the times you’ve had to wait for a delayed bus or train. You’d never have to worry about that if you could just get in your hire car and go. Not to mention that cars are naturally faster than buses and trains, significantly reducing your commute time.

A red car with the Rapid logo in the top corner.
Gold Hill in Shaftesbury

Easier if your Site is Remote

If your site isn’t in the city centre, it might take several bus or train changes to get there, increasing time to get there and hassle. Not to mention that you will be restricted to bus or train times.

Your Days Off

There’s so much more you can do with your days off if you aren’t limited to public transport, especially if you are based in the countryside. Villages often don’t have regular bus routes and a trip to the nearest city on your day off could mean a series of bus changes.

driving along the side of a cliff next to the ocean.
A couple sat on a bench in a train station, wearing Covid masks.


In comparison to public transport, a freshly valeted hire car wins all the awards for being safe from Covid (and any other colds and bugs that you might catch on public transport).

The Latest BMW

It’s probably not the most important on the list but getting to test drive a car you might want to own is definitely an advantage. Some car hire companies even offer cars that some consider to be dream cars, giving you the opportunity to drive a Mustang or one of the cars featured in Fast & Furious. Why not have some fun with car hire?

A Ford Mustang Shelby in white with two thick blue stripes going across the top of the car.. The Rapid logo is in the bottom right corner.

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