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Bleisure – Business Leisure 

There’s a number of reasons that occasionally booking luxury accommodation for your business trip could be beneficial.

Happy workers!

Luxury accommodation comes with better facilities and often comfier beds. Better rested employees are going to be happier and more ready to have a productive day on site. Occasionally booking nicer accommodation will also make your team feel valued.

Happier workers are also more likely to stay with the company, reducing the costs of training.


According to The Bleisure Report from Skift, 78% of employees on business trips reported that their work became more effective when leisure days were added to their itinerary. 

Your surroundings directly affect your mental health, which directly affects your ability to be productive and work effectively. The nicer your accommodation and the facilities it provides, the more ready for a hard day’s work you will be.


Think of all the things you like to do to unwind after a tough day on site, how many of them would you have to sacrifice when working away from home? Luxury accommodation usually comes with better showers, comfier sofa/chairs and more options for what to watch on the TV.

Luxury hotels are also more likely to have better restaurants and more breakfast choices, as well as a gym. Not to mention often being closer to the city centre, which is filled with interesting things to do.

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