Bring Your Pet To Work Day And The Rise of Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pack up your pooch…

Call in the cat…

And hurry up the hamster…

This month will businesses up and down the country celebrating the sixth annual ‘Bring Your Pet To Work Day’.

It’s a chance to bring your furry friends in to the office to offer a helping hand…

Or should we say a helping paw.

It’s taking place this Friday 21st June all in the name of charity and we’ll certainly be getting involved here at the Rapid Travel Group offices.

But the thing is…

Taking your pets to work is no longer something limited to one ‘special’ day a year.

Increasingly, more and more people are taking their pets with them to work, on business trips and on holidays.

Having your pet with you is actually a great way to relive stress and studies have found that it can be beneficial to the general mental health around the office.

In fact, it’s even been found that having a dog around the office can increase productivity.

It’s because you’re forced to take short breaks from the computer to walk or tend to the pooch, which actually gives you a chance to reset your mind, rather than getting stuck on a project.

Without a doubt, here at Rapid Accommodation, we’ve noticed pet-friendly accommodation is on the rise…

The Pet Pound

Once upon a time, referring to the ‘Pet Pound’ would conjure up images of an undesirable character chasing your dog with a large net…

But these days, talk of the Pet Pound is more likely to be heard in a hotel chain’s marketing meeting.

You see the ‘Pet Pound’ refers to the increasing trend we’re seeing. People are willing to spend much more money – hence ‘the term Pet Pound’ – on their prized Pomeranian or their celebrated Siamese than ever before.

It’s estimated £1.7 billion was spent on pet care products and services in 2018.

That’s projected to rise to £2.3 billion by 2023.

And that’s in the UK alone.

Hotels and accommodation providers are fully aware of this trend and are increasingly looking for ways to cash in by catering for the rising demand.

Big name hotel chains such as Hilton and Best Western already offer pet-friendly accommodation. In some cases it’s surprisingly luxurious too.

And it’s more than a gimmick. Making sure your hotel is pet-friendly is on it’s way to becoming a basic requirement.

It’s great news for anyone who prefers to travel with his or her pet, as opposed to organising care or leaving it in a kennel or cattery.

Pet-Friendly Premiums

Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure, or both (read our piece on Bleisure travel here)…

If you need your accommodation to be pet-friendly, we’re happy to arrange it for you.

You’ll find that a lot of pet-friendly accommodation tends to add an additional charge for each dog or cat you’re travelling with (it’s best to double check about any more exotic animals).

It’s also important to check about access and how easy it is to take your pet out at night if you need to. It’s something we’ll always double check for you.

If you require a cage, litter trays or anything other niche item to be provided, just let us know and we’ll look into getting it sorted for you.

Indeed, if you book your accommodation through us here at Rapid Accommodation, we’ll do our best to find the most cost-effective deal for you. In fact, if we can find a way to waive any pet premiums for you, we will.

As with any specific need you might have about the accommodation you need, just let us know and we’ll do all the organising for you and find you the best option for you and your pet.

Remember, you can contact us anytime by email on or you can call us on direct on 0330 090 41 42.

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