Book Now, Pay Later: How Rapid Is Making It Even Easier To Book Business Travel And Accommodation

 By Karl Hedison

If you’re fed up of booking your business travel on your personal credit card, or even in your own personal time…

Or if you’re forever having to dig into your pocket or purse to find the company card and lend it to a member of staff…

We have a solution!

Here at Rapid, we’re able to set up your business with your own flexible credit facility. Whether you’re a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) or a Global Corporation, our finance offering is here to help.

It means you can book your business travel and accommodation without having to pay for everything on an individual basis there and then.

In fact, you can set up specific levels of credit and pay them on a recurring basis, or as and when required. This will save you a huge amount of time on invoicing and admin, streamlining the two into one.

We’re able to liaise directly with your accountant or accounts team and – thanks to RORI, Rapid’s online travel app, – you can even check your remaining credit in a matter of seconds at the click of a button.

Saving you time and stress.

How Does Our Flexible Credit System Work?

Naturally, when it comes to setting up any credit facility, the first thing you need to do is complete an application to make sure there aren’t any financial issues.

Providing everything is good and the necessary paperwork is in place…

The rest is straightforward.

In fact, from that point on, we’ll pretty much take care of everything for you.

Depending on how much you want to allocate to your business travel and accommodation budget, we’ll set a level for you on our booking system, RORI.

We can then set up access for anyone in your team you’d like to give booking permissions to.

This can be as many or as few people as you like…and we can quickly issue or revoke permissions as you see fit.

However, once someone has permissions granted via RORI (our bespoke online booking platform), allocated team members will then have the ability to go ahead and request booking themselves.

Providing the terms of the booking to meet the criteria you’ve set in place and providing the cost is within the budget you’ve set…that person can go ahead and book.

Your level of credit will automatically be updated to take into account any new bookings.

Keep Tabs On Spending

RORI is set up to allow you to view expenditure 24/7.

If we see you’re in danger of over spending for a particular month, we’ll let you know and discuss whether you need to re-allocate funds or rearrange bookings.

Alternatively, if you check to see where you’re at and notice credit has not been used for that month, you can roll it over or look at additional conferences or events your team could attend.

Ultimately, thanks to our easy to use flexible credit facility, managing your business travel and accommodation budget will be easier than it’s ever been before.

You’ll no longer have to factor in last minute costs you didn’t anticipate…

You can avoid incurring unwanted bank interest or charges on your personal credit cards…

And you can make sure your team doesn’t have the same problem.

The fact is: we understand how unseen business travel and accommodation costs can sometimes cause a real nightmare when it comes to budgeting…

It’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to set this up so we can offer our clients a unique service.

Like we always say…we aim to be more than just the people who book your travel and accommodation. We’re committed to being a real partner in your business.

So, to find out more about how you can set up a flexible credit facility for your business travel and accommodation with us here at Rapid, just give us a call on 0330 090 41 42 or email us at for more information.

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