Brexit Forcing Your Business Up North? Don’t Worry: We Know How To Show You A Good Time

As more and more businesses prepare for the reality of Brexit, you could soon be making more of your business trips ‘up north’.

According to research published in the Financial Times recently “the north of England has seen a sharp rise in business travel”.

It seems Brexit is causing businesses to focus on markets closer to home in the north, rather than overseas in the EU.

Perhaps it’s the case with your business too? If so, we’d love to hear about how your needs are changing.

As reported:

“Corporate hotel bookings in 2017 rose 55 per cent in Blackpool, 35 per cent in Preston, 33 per cent in Bradford, 24 per cent in Sheffield and 21 per cent in Doncaster, against a national average of 9.5 per cent.”

What does it mean for you?

Well, first things first: don’t worry. We’re proud to be based up here ourselves in North East Lincolnshire and it’s great.

And whether your work takes you to the ancient Viking city of York, the bustling business hub of Manchester, or the pleasure beach of Blackpool…there’s lots to discover while you’ve got a bit of downtime.

Second, you’ll be pleased to know our friendly team of travel assistants know exactly how to show you a good time whether your work trip takes you to Doncaster, Driffield or Durham.

Indeed, being based up here ourselves gives us a great advantage. We already know many of the best places to stay. Even so, as we expect to see this trend continue, we’ve already started sourcing more and more great places for you to stay as you visit this beautiful part of the country.

So, even if Brexit means your next business trip is to Bridlington rather than Bruges, there’s no need to feel down. Arrange your travel and accommodation with us and we’ll make sure it’s a magical and memorable stay.

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